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    ahs Happenings

    Daily Announcements Posted 9/8/19

    CONGRATULATIONS TO THE bossier parish high school student of the year, ahs student shannon mathers

    On Tuesday, January 14, Shannon Mathers was happily organizing a filing cabinet as the student worker for Mrs. Lepore's first block.  Unknowingly, just outside in the hallway a group of Bossier Parish officials were gathering excitedly.  They entered the art wing classroom and Shannon's face lit up.  She knew they might be coming but she wasn't certain until she saw the joyful look on their faces.  Why were they there? To announce that Shannon Mathers is the 2019-2020 Bossier Parish high school student of the year.  

    Parish officials present included Bossier Parish Superintendent Mitch Downey, Assistant Superintendent and former Airline Principal Jason Rowland.  Airline High School administrators present included Principal Justin James, Assistant Principals Holly George and Seth Stowell, and Airline's Senior Guidance Counselor Beth Moore. Other Parish officials present included Horda Semdani, Terrie Johnson, Ginny Nolen, Emma Jordan, Kim Morgan, Fran Sprankle, Laura Lee Leflett, Kay Canal, Linda Thorn-Lewis, Christy Bucker, Scarlett Smith, Jacob Hesselschwardt, and Lisa Neuman.  Teri Hensley with Advance Awards and Gift Shop was also present.  Sonja Bales, public relations liaison for Bossier Schools was also in attendance.

    As Shannon's debate coach, I have known her for all four years of high school.  She is so genuinely worthy of this honor.  She is a member and a leader of countless organizations on campus, but more than that, she is a wonderful person.  She has a heart of gold and unparalleled determination.

    Of this recognition, Shannon stated, "It was so exciting to see so many supporters, friends, former teachers, and mentors show up and appreciate the hard work and team effort that went into this."

    We are so excited to see Shannon move onto the next level where she will compete for regional student of the year!

    AHS Calendar

    Airline High School proudly announces our 2020 Airline Most Beautiful is Sydni-Ellen Littleton!

    1st runner up Jacqueline DeVille
    2nd runner up Shelby Kate Mills
    3rd runner up Nikhia Sims
    4th runner up Marisa Shepherd
    5th runner up Kayllie Coco

    The Top 6 (yes, we had a tie!) included: (in no particular order): Marisa Shepherd, Jacqueline DeVille, Kayllie Coco, Shelby Kate Mills, Nikhia Sims and Sydni-Ellen Littleton

    Top 10 included: (in no particular order):
    Allie Eaves, Aubrey Wood, Shelby Kate Mills, Nikhia Sims, Lexi Ngo, Marisa Shepherd, Jacqueline DeVille, Sydni-Ellen Littleton, Kayllie Coco and Crystal Hanson.

    The People’s Choice award recipient was Raeven Bullock

    The Miss Congeniality award recipient was Sydni-Ellen Littleton

    A special thank you to Adam Bass for being our emcee tonight, our Student Council, Mrs. Andi Vrbka and Lisa Rauschenbach for creating such a successful event.

    Congratulations to our 22 Mid-Term Graduating Students

    Congratulations to the ahs 2020 Teacher of the year

    Mr. Billy Neill

    The faculty has spoken, and our AHS 2020 Teacher of the Year is Mr. Billy Neill.  Mr. Neill is a master teacher in the math department where he has been instrumental in establishing  an innovative RTI program to help our students master mathematics.  Mr. Neill also teaches our Cyber Literacy/Science classes where he and his students have been recognized at the state level for their cyber skills. 

    Top Gains

    Mission Statement

    Meeting our students where they are and taking them where they need to go.


    Achieving success the right way, the best way, the Airline way!

    PTL Airline Jacket

    You can now order the PTL Airline jacket on line!  Just click on the link below and place your order.  The jackets will be delivered to the school, and Mrs. Lindner will get the delivery to your student.

    Airline jacket

    In the Spotlight

    AHS Emmitt Antwine is a nationally ranked debater

    Airline High School senior Emmitt Antwine, who is dual-enrolled at Bossier Parish Community College and is a part of the BPCC Debate Team, is the fifth ranked junior varsity intercollegiate debater in the nation in the most recent update from the International Public Debate Association.  At this point, Antwine has earned five individual awards in tournaments hosted by Lee College, Louisiana Tech University, University of Southern Mississippi, and LSU-Shreveport.

    “What Emmitt is accomplishing is truly remarkable. Nationally, less than 1/10th of 1 percent of intercollegiate debaters are dual-enrolled high school students; and, while seniors often dominate the national top twenty-five, we’re talking about college seniors and not high school seniors,” said BPCC Debate Team coach Bob Alexander. “Emmitt’s character and commitment to excellence attest to the potential of Airline High School students.”

    Antwine is the top ranked student in the junior varsity division from Louisiana, ahead of students from LSU, Louisiana Tech, and others. He is also only high school student in the top fifty rankings that were released by the International Public Debate Association on November 5, 2019.

    Justin James