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Faculty and Staff Directory

Administration Phone Number Email Website Title
Justin James 318-549-5080 email website Principal
Jamie East 318-549-5088 email website Assistant Principal
Seth Stowell 318-549-5086 email   Assistant Principal
Trey Wynn 318-549-5087 email   Assistant Principal


Instructional Coaches Phone Number Email Website Title
Kurt Chatterson 318-549-7221 email website Graduation Coach
Jenna Winkler 318-549-5127 email   Instructional Coach


Counselors Phone Number Email Website Grade Level
Beth Moore 318-549-5089 email website 12th Grade Counselor
Teresa Thibodeaux 318-549-5097 email website 11th Grade Counselor
Angelor Johnson 318-549-5090 email website 10th Grade Counselor/SBLC/504 
Marnie Garrett 318-549-5091 email website 09th Grade Counselor
Christine Ligman 318-549-7319 email   Counselor Aide


Secretary/Registrar Phone Number Email Website Title
Connie Hayes 318-549-5082 email   Registrar
Teresa Johnson 318-549-7243 email   Registrar's Aide
Sandy McCathern 318-549-5081 email   Main Office/Principal's Secretary
Sheila Rivers 318-549-5084 email   Bookkeeper
Melissa Cheatham 318-549-5083 email   Student Office/Attendance Secretary
Jennifer Engleke 318-549-7219 email   Library Aide


Teacher Phone Number Email Website Subject/Organization
Allums, Stephanie 318-549-7242 email   Special Education
Barrios, Janie 318-549-5156 email website English
Bartone, Beth 318-549-5160 email   Spanish
Baskin, Daniel 318-549-5141 email website Social Studies
Bellotte, Angie 318-549-6497 email   Science
Bothel (Snyder, RIta) 318-549-5132 email website Mathematics/Mu Alpha Theta
Brant, Courtney 318-549-7162 email   English
Brown, Jade 318-549-7247 email website Science
Brown, Kisha 318-549-7261 email website AIM/#100
Bryant, Karol 318-549-5111 email website Science/Cheerleaders
Bryant, Rachel 318-549-5147 email   English/BETA
Byrd, Amanda 318-549-7297 email   Social Studies
Cobb, Tim 318-549-5146 email   English
Coker, Ronnie 318-549-7267 email   Social Studies/Athletic Coordinator
Collins, Naomi 318-549-5143 email website Art
Cox, Chase 318-549-7169 email   Social Studies/Wrestling
Cubley, Adina 318-549-5120 email   Special Education/Study Skills
Davis, Jimmie Marvin 318-549-7160 email   Credit Recovery
Davis, Sara 318-549-5129 email   Business
Digilormo, Reggie 318-549-5137 email website Science/Volleyball
Doncer, Elysia 318-549-5126 email   Mathematics
Douglas, Emily 318-549-5100 email   Mathematics/Credit Recovery
Dupree, Rachel 318-549-5167 email website Librarian/NHS
Elliott, Valerie 318-549-7227 email   Violin
Evans, Shawn 318-549-5161 email website Family Consumer Science/BETA
Farrington, Elizabeth 318-549-5098 email website Librarian/Technology 
Fenner, Kaliina 318-549-6495 email   English
Ferrero, Alison 318-549-5140 email   Spanish/Senior Class
Fields, Schirra 318-549-7225 email   Digital Arts/Track and Field
Finimore, Aaron 318-549-5135 email   Health/Bowling
FInimore, Linda 318-549-5109 email website Theatre/Drama Club
Frazier, Brittney 318-549-5095 email website Girls' PE/Softball/Swim Team
Flowers, Eric 318-549-5152 email   Social Studies
Garrett, Brian 318-549-5164 email   P.E./Football
Gibson, Irina 318-549-5136 email   Science
Gobert, Stephanie 318-549-5123 email website Mathematics
Hadwin, Ann 318-549-5138 email website Business/FBLA
Hagerhjelm, Hannah 318-549-5113 email   ELL/Junior Class
Hahn, Sandra 318-549-5110 email website Art/Yearbook
Hampton, Roxana 318-549-6494 email website Spanish
Hamilton, Eddie J 318-549-5164 email   Boys' P.E./Boys' Basketball
Haygood, Melissa 318-549-5121 email website Family Consumer Science
Haynie, Clay 318-549-5131 email   Science/Power Lifting
Hill, Jamie 318-549-5115 email website Art
Hollis, Emily 318-549-5143 email website Art
Johnston, Afton 318-549-7248 email website AIM/Danceline
Johnston, Brian 318-549-5157 email   Psychology/Golf
Jones, Kevin 318-549-7166 email   Social Studies
Kimmett, Kirk 318-549-5102 email   JROTC
Kirchoff, Valerie 318-549-7262 email   Science
Knotts, Catherine 318-549-5108 email   English
Lambert, Mark 318-549-5139 email   Business Math/Business
Landry, Jordan 318-549-7168 email website English
Lipsey, Karyn 318-549-7290 email website Theatre/Drama Club
Lucas, Heidi 318-549-5153 email   English/Newspaper
Malone, Margo 318-549-7241 email   Special Education
Mason, Doug 318-549-5119 email   Mathematics/Archery
McConathy, Lyndzee 318-549-7228 email website Family Consumer Science/Girls' Basketball
McFatter, Ed 318-549-5150 email   Social Studies
Meeks, Bo 318-549-5164 email   P.E./Head Football Coach/Girls' Soccer
Miller, Margo 318-549-5104 email   JROTC
Milton, Lindsey 318-549-5130 email   Mathematics
Mooney, Rachael 318-549-5124 email website Mathematics
Morse, Sam 318-549-5107 email website Mathematics
Morton, Charlotte 318-549-7161 email website English
Nechvatal, Dana 318-549-7163 email website Social Studies
Neill, Billy 318-549-5148 email   Mathematics/Cyber Science
Newberry, Bailey 318-549-7224 email   Business
Oakes, Lacey 318-549-5151 email   English
Parson, Scott 318-549-5103 email   JROTC
Patronis, Elena 318-549-5158 email   Spanish
Pearson, Katie 318-549-5144 email website Girls' P.E.
Pharr, Callie 318-549-7269 email   Mathematics
Rausch, Bo 318-549-7241 email   Adaptive P.E.
Rauschenbach, Lisa 318-549-5159 email   English/Student Council
Rehak, Kelli 318-549-7226 email website Social Studies
Robertson, Terri 318-549-5142 email   English/Freshmen Mentor Program
Rosier, Melanie 318-549-7263 email   Science
Ruiz, Naxhiely 318-549-7298 email   Spanish
Salinas, Tammy 318-549-7240 email   Special Education
Samuel, Rebecca 318-549-5116 email   Business
Sepulvado, LeeAnn 318-549-5166 email website Mathematics
Shelton, Grant 318-549-7266 email   Band/Percussion
Skidmore, Lorna 318-549-5128 email website Mathematics
Smith, Bryleigh 318-549-5114 email   English/Pep Squad
Smith, Katie 318-549-5125 email website Business
Stewart, Yvonne 318-549-7245 email   Science
Stinson, Angel 318-549-5133 email   Science
Swart, TIm 318-549-5144 email   Special Education
Sweatman, Kerri 318-549-7260 email website Science
Taylor, Brian 318-549-5162 email   Special Education/Work Program
Thurman, Lindsay 318-549-7164 email website Social Studies
Trahan, Brittney 318-549-5155 email website English
Todd, Toby 318-549-5134 email   Science/Baseball
Vacha, Rebecca 318-549-5106 email   Choir
Vrbka, A  318-549-7247 email   Science
Wade, Frank 318-549-7165 email   Social Studies/Boys' Soccer
Waits, Bill 318-549-7296 email   Mathematics
Walden, John 318-549-5120 email   Special Education
Wardlaw, Alexa 318-549-5149 email website English
Wilkins, John 318-549-5163 email   Wood Tech.
Willett, James 318-549-5105 email website Band Director
Winget, Lorrie 318-549-5118 email   Mathematics
Wolf, Leigh 318-549-5117 email   Mathematics/Mu Alpha Theta
Wright, Jill 318-549-5145 email   Special Education/Act 833
Wynn, Donielle 318-549-6496 email website Mathematics